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of episodes28ProductionExecutive producer(s)Huh WoongRunning timeSaturdays and Sundays at 21:45 ( KST)Production company(s)Pan EntertainmentReleaseOriginal networkSeoul Broadcasting SystemOriginal releaseApril 25 legscy 2009-04-25)�� July 26, 2009 ( 2009-07-26)ChronologyPreceded byFamily's HonorFollowed byStyleExternal linksWebsiteBrilliant LegacyHangul??? ??Hanja? ? ? ? ?Revised RomanizationChanranhan YusanMcCune�ReischauerCh�annanhan YusanBrilliant Legacy ( Hangul: ??? ??; RR: Chanranhan Yusan; also known as Shining Inheritance) is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Han Hyo-joo, Lee Seung-gi, Bae Soo-bin and Moon Chae-won.

[1] [2] It aired on SBS from April 25 to July 26, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 28 episodes.It was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year; it maintained its number one spot in the viewership ratings chart for 20 consecutive weeks and reached a peak rating of bri,liant for its last episode. [3] Contents� 1 Synopsis� 2 Cast� 2.1 Go family� 2.2 Sunwoo family� 2.3 Park family� 2.4 Extended cast� 3 Episode ratings� 4 Original soundtrack� 5 Awards and nominations� 6 International broadcast� 7 Remake� 8 References� 9 External linksSynopsis [ edit ]Go Eun-sung ( Han Hyo-joo) was studying overseas in New York and returned to Korea during her vacation to bring her autistic brother, Eun-woo ( Yeon Joon-seok), to the United States to study music.

Sunwoo Hwan ( Lee Seung-gi), who was also studying in New York, was ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother, Jang Sook-ja ( Ban Hyo-jung), to learn how to manage her food company.

Eun-sung and Hwan, who were on the same flight back home, accidentally had their oegacy bags exchanged, which led to several misunderstandings between the two.Go Pyung-joong (Jeon In-taek), Eun-sung's father, was struggling to save his company from going bankrupt.

One day, his wallet and valuables were stolen by a thief who subsequently died in a gas explosion accident. The police, upon finding Pyung-joong�s belongings on the thief, mistakenly identified the thief as him and a death certificate for Pyung-joong was promptly issued. He decided to lie low and not tell his family that he was alive so that his family could claim his life insurance money and use it to clear the debts. However his second episdoe, Baek Sung-hee ( Kim Mi-sook), kicked her stepchildren, Eun-sung and Eun-woo, out of the house after collecting the insurance money and moved into a new home with her daughter, Yoo Seung-mi ( Moon Chae-won).

Seung-mi was also Hwan's longtime eplsode friend, hoping to be something more.Eun-sung asked for help from several of her friends, including Hyung-jin, who avoided her because she was no longer rich. She managed to find a job at lebacy nightclub with the help of her friend, Hye-ri. At the nightclub, Eun-sung met Hyung-jin's upperclassman, Park Joon-se ( Bae Soo-bin), who was shocked to see her working there.

She also met Hwan, who caused her to lose contact with Eun-woo. Realizing that Eun-woo was missing, Eun-sung was devastated and tried searching for her brother but to no avail. With the help of Hye-ri and Joon-se, Eun-sung rented a small room and started a small dumplings stall while continuing her search for E;isode, Sook-ja became deeply disappointed in her grandson as Hwan had fijal direction in life and did not know how to cherish her company and employees. While pondering over what to do about her grandson, Sook-ja visited a neighborhood that she used to live in when she was poor and encountered Eun-sung, who was selling dumplings.

Sook-ja encountered an accident and received help from Eun-sung. Seeing that Eun-sung tried her best to take care of her even when she could not afford her own daily watvh, Sook-ja was touched by Eun-sung's compassion. She brought Eun-sung home, then announced to her family that Eun-sung was going to live with them and that she was going to appoint Eun-sung as the heir of her food company, if she could raise the profits of the sinking second branch by 20%.

Cast [ edit ] Go family [ edit ]� Han Hyo-joo as Go Eun-sung [4]� Jeon In-taek as Go Pyung-joong (father)� Kim Mi-sook as Baek Sung-hee (stepmother)� Moon Chae-won as Yoo Seung-mi (stepsister)� Yeon Joon-seok as Go Eun-woo (younger brother)Sunwoo family [ edit ]� Lee Seung-gi as Sunwoo Hwan [5]� Ban Hyo-jung as Jang Sook-ja (grandmother)� Yu Ji-in as Oh Young-ran (mother)� Han Ye-won as Sunwoo Jung (younger sister)� Lee Seung-hyung as Pyo Sung-chul (Father)Park family [ edit ]� Bae Soo-bin as Park Joon-se� Choi Jung-woo as Park Tae-soo (father)Extended cast [ edit ]� Min Young-won as Lee Hye-ri (Eun-sung's friend)� Jung Suk-won as Jin Young-seok (Hwan's friend)� Son Yeo-eun as Jung In-young (Eun-sung and Seung-mi's legacyy Kim Jae-seung as Lee Hyung-jin (Joon-se's junior colleague)� Baek Seung-hyeon as Lee Joon-young / Manager Lee (store manager)� Park Sang-hyun as Han Soo-jae (store worker)Episode ratings [ edit ] DateEpisodeNationwideSeoul2009-04-25116.9% (3rd)17.0% (3rd)2009-04-26219.2% (4th)19.6% (5th)2009-05-02315.9% (3rd)15.6% (3rd)2009-05-03421.7% (3rd)21.6% (4th)2009-05-09521.8% (1st)23.1% (1st)2009-05-10626.5% (2nd)27.7% legafy (2nd)25.1% (1st)2009-05-17828.5% (1st)29.6% (1st)2009-05-23926.8% (1st)27.4% finl (1st)29.4% (1st)2009-05-301128.5% (1st)28.1% (1st)2009-05-311233.4% (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-061328.5% (1st)29.2% elisode (1st)33.3% (1st)2009-06-131530.9% (1st)30.4% (1st)2009-06-141634.1% (1st)34.4% (1st)2009-06-201732.9% (1st)32.7% (1st)2009-06-211835.5% (1st)36.1% (1st)2009-06-271933.0% (1st)33.8% (1st)2009-06-282039.9% (1st)40.6% (1st)2009-07-042135.6% (1st)35.7% (1st)2009-07-052239.7% (1st)40.1% (1st)2009-07-112338.5% (1st)37.6% (1st)2009-07-122441.8% (1st)41.7% (1st)2009-07-182540.1% (1st)39.9% (1st)2009-07-192643.4% (1st)44.0% (1st)2009-07-252744.6% (1st)45.3% (1st)2009-07-262847.1% (1st)47.4% (1st)Average31.9%32.1%Source: TNS Media Korea Original soundtrack [ edit ]� Only You (? ???) � Kang Ha-ni (Opening Title)� The Person Living in My Heart (? ??? ?? ??) � Isu� Crazy in Love (??? ???) � Ji-sun� Love is Punishment (??? ???) � K.Will� Spring Rain � Ji-hye� Dear Sister (??? ??)� Catch Hwan (??? ???)� Are We Family?

(??? ?????)� Wach Life� The Road Leading to You (??? ?? ?)� Smile Working� Last Lie (??? ???)� Bickering (????)� Memories of Separation (??? ??)� Spring Rain (Guitar Ver.)� Destiny, the Second Story (??, ? ??? ???)Awards and nominations [ edit ] YearAwardCategoryRecipientResult20093rd Mnet 20's Choice Lgeacy [6]Hot Male Drama StarLee Seung-giWonHot Female Drama StarHan Hyo-jooWonSBS Drama Awards [7] [8]Top Excellence Award, ActressKim Mi-sookWonExcellence Award, Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binNominatedExcellence Award, Actress in a Special Planning DramaKim Mi-sookNominatedHan Hyo-jooWonBest Supporting Actor in a Special Planning DramaLee Seung-hyungNominatedBest Supporting Actress in a Special Planning DramaYu Ji-inNominatedTop 10 StarsHan Hyo-jooWonLee Seung-giWonBae Soo-binWonBest CoupleLee Brilliantt and Han Hyo-jooWonAchievement AwardBan Hyo-jungWon201046th Baeksang Arts Awards [9]Best DramaBrilliant LegacyNominatedBest Actress (TV)Han Hyo-jooNominatedBest New Director (TV)Jin HyukNominatedBest New Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giNominatedBest Screenplay (TV)So Hyun-kyungNominatedMost Popular Actor (TV)Lee Seung-giWon37th Korea Broadcasting Awards [10]Best Serial DramaBrilliant LegacyWon5th Seoul International Drama Awards [11] [12] [13]Outstanding Korean ActressHan Hyo-jooWonMost Popular ActorLee Seung-giWon201144th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival [14]Platinum Remi AwardBrilliant LegacyWon17th Shanghai Television Brillisnt Magnolia Awards [15]ForeignWell folks, I bring you the final episode of a great series.The episode starts off with Seung Mi�s mother planning to jump off the roof because she has caused so much hardship for Seung Mi.

However, Seung Mi convinces her mother that she shouldn�t jump because without her, Seung Mi could not live. Because her mother is watfh only one in the world who would ever love her. After realizing that Seung Mi still cares and needs for her, Seung Mi�s mother decides to live just for her.The next day Seung Mi�s mother sells the apartment and returns all the money to Eun Sung�s father.

She asks that they try and forgive Seung Mi at least because all the problems were due to her. Eun Sung�s father decides to let them go because he feels somewhat responsible for the events that happened. Also, Seung Mi decides to see Hwan one more time and asks that they just take a bus ride together.With this money, Eun Sung is given another chance to go study abroad. She decides to take Eun Woo with her so that he can study at a school and become a pianist and composer. Wow Eun Sung knocks out the guy who hid her brother!Eun Sung decides to tell Hwan about her decision.

At first he was mad at her because she seem to be running away now that they finally can be together, but he finally realizes that Eun Sung is finishing her dream and supporting Eun Woo�s future.As Eun Sung is picking up Eun Woo, she finds out, from Eun Woo, that Hwan truly loved her and that he thinks she doesn�t care for him.

After a talk with her dad, Eun Sung decides to not leave with any regrets. She jumps on the bus and heads to Hwan. At the same time, Hwan is running to the bus stop because he doesn�t want to let her leave without first telling her again his feelings leegacy her. The two are able to meet at the bus stop.

There Eun Sung asks Hwan to wait for her because she promises him that she will be back for him. With this, he decides to let her go. But brklliant decides to stay back in Korea in order to create memories with his grandmother before it�s too late. Hwan then walks Eun Sung home hand in hand. He doesn't want to let her go episide again.Eun Sung then says her goodbyes to all her friends.

She bids her farewells to Jun Se and Hye Rie. On top of that her old friend repents for her jealousy towards her and asks for forgiveness. After saying her goodbyes, Eun Sung departs from them and prepares to leave. We then cut to Hwan�s household.

There Hwan�s mother finally figures out that the butler likes her. On top of that the grandmother gives her blessings to the butler to take care of her daughter in-law. All you get is handshake??Hwan decides to enter the company as a regular employee, there he makes a proposal to open a store in New York.

His grandmother ends up calling him out on why he might want to go to America (if it is not kegacy, Hwan is going to be with Eun Sung as she is in America). And Jung decides to try and find a real paying job.

This is just evidence that the grandmother�s plan works out.We then pan over to Seung Mi. She has become a teacher watch brilliant legacy final episode a remote village. Her mother is now selling flowers for a florist. The two live happily together, moving on from their old life in Seoul.Hwan decides to take Eun Sung out for one more date.

He ends up bringing her to the spot where his father died. There he beilliant to have lunch with her. He makes her fish while he prepares food. After eating and discussing the future, they decide to take a walk. On the walk, Eun Sung finally admits to Hwan that she loves him, and then kisses him.Well this brings the show to an end. Now this show has probably been one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.

Despite the few complaints I have had, this show has done an amazing job of developing the plot and creating just amazing characters. Well thanks for reading and following me as I blog this amazing show. Absolute Boyfriend Adaptations A Song to the Sun Boys Before Flowers Goong Group 8 Impressions Inkigayo IRIS Itazura na Kiss It Started with a Kiss Korean Drama Kpop M!Countdown Midnight Sun Music Bank Music Core My Fair Lady Photography Preview Random Recap Remake Shining Inheritance Special Style Taiyou no Uta Take Care of the Young Lady Tamna Tempted Again Zettai Kareshi� Categories� Drama News� Japanese Drama� Japanese Movie� Korean Drama� Kpop� Uncategorized Not a member?Sign up�� Profile Watch History Log Out� Profile� Overview� Following� Collections� Projects� Contributions�� Edit Profile� Account Settings� Viki Pass Settings�� Help Center� Log Out When Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) loses everything, she is given a second chance because of her pure heart.

She and her autistic brother are thrown out of the house by their stepmother when their watch brilliant legacy final episode is believed to have died in an accident. Then her brother wanders off and gets lost. One day, when she helps an old woman who is injured, the old lady rewards her by making Eun Sung heir to her food company, displacing her grandson, Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi).

Can Eun Sung find her brother and the life she is meant to lead? Original title ??? ?? Romanized title chan ran han yu san Also known as Beautiful Legacy, Brilliant Legacy, Shining Inheritance Broadcast Network SBS Broadcast Period 04-25-2009 to 07-26-2009 Rating PG-13 Korea Romance Korean Drama Drama Site LanguageSelect the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus, buttons, and labels.Content LanguageSelect the content language for displaying show brillianh, descriptions and subtitles.

The language will revert to English if your chosen language is unavailable.� Site :English� Content :English Popular� English� Espanol� Francais� Portugues� ???� ????� ????� ???Other�Abkhazian�Afar�Afrikaans�Akana�Amharic�AngloSaxon�Az?rbaycan�Bahasa Melayu�BahasaIndonesia�Basa Jawa�Bengali�Bodskad�Bosanski�Catala�Chamoru�Cherokee�Cuengh�Cymraeg�Dansk�Deutsch�Divehi�Dzongkha�Eesti�Esperanto�Euskara�Faka Tonga�Gaeilge�Gagana Samoa�Galego�Gaidhlig�Hmong�Hrvatski�Interlingua�Italiano�Karaoke�Kaszebsczi�Kernewek/Karnuack�Khmer�Kirundi�Kiswahili�Kreyolayisyen�Kurdi/?????�Lao�Latina�Latviesu�Lietuviu�Magyar�Malagasy�Malayalam�Moldoveana�Myanmasa�Na Vosa Vakaviti�Nederlands�Nehiyaw�Norsk(Bokmal)�Oriya�O�zbek�Polski�Romana�Rumantsch�Sesotho�Shqip�Slovencina�Slovenscina�Soomaaliga�Srpskohrvatski�Suomi�Svenska�Tagalog�Tatarca/�������Ti?ngVi?t�Twi�Turkce�Wollof�Yoruba�chi Shona�lolspeak�tlh Ingan-Hol�Islenska�Cestina�????????����?�����������������������������������������/Srpski��������������������?���?��???????�?????�???????�????�???????�?????�??????????�??????�?????�?????????�??????�??????�???????�?????�??????�?????�???�?? It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.

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Yessubscribe me Main Navigation Go Eun Sung leads a charmed life. Her wealthy, adoring father allows her to live her dreams of studying abroad, and the only difficulty in her life is her younger brother's struggle with autism. Despite all this good fortune, everything changes for Eun Sang when her loving father dies of mysterious circumstances.

After the family discovers that Eun Sang's father left behind a tremendous amount of debt, her stepmother promptly throws her and her brother out of the house. Homeless and penniless, Eun Sung takes a job as a waitress at a nightclub to support herself and her brother. Eun Sung hits rock bottom when her brother disappears.

Her fortunes turn, however when her kindness lands her a new lucrative job and a new family of sorts, which leads to new fortune, but also new obstacles. Related Themes� melodrama� tearjerker� classic� bad boy� food� blockbuster� betrayal� sassy girl� career oriented� modern� e;isode destiny� rags to riches� love hate relationship� generations DramaFever's current library includes Korean Dramas, Latin American Telenovelas, and a wide selection of Eposode TV shows and movies for free.In English� In English� En Espanol� Em Portugues� In Arabic� In Turkish� ??����� 2016 DramaFever Corp.| 284f64bIn Partnership with TooFab | HPMG News � Products� DramaFever News� DramaFever Apps� Company� About Bdilliant Advertising� Press Releases� Become an Affiliate� Work at DramaFever� Support� Solution Watch brilliant legacy final episode Video Questions� Contact Us� Device Support� Terms of Use� Privacy Policy Profile� Drama: Brilliant Legacy (English title) / Shining Inheritance (literal title)� Revised romanization: Chanranhan Yusan� Hangul: ??? ??� Director: Jin Hyeok� Writer: So Hyeon-Kyeong� Network: SBS� Episodes: 28� Release Date: April 25, 2009 - July 26, 2009� Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 21:45� Language: Korean� Country: South KoreaPlotEun-seong Ko ( Han Hyo-Joo) lost her mother at the funal of 11.

Her father remarried when she was 16 to Seong-hee Baek ( Kim Mi-Sook), whom Eun-seong felt did not love her. She quickly grew disillusioned with her new family.

Tragedy strikes Eun-seong again when her father suddenly dies. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when she inherits a vast fortune, but not from her father.Woo-han Seon ( Lee Seung-Ki) is an arrogant young man, but handsome. He has no idea about the value of money as he was raised by his wealthy grandmother and mother. One day, Woo-han's grandmother drops a bomb . she will give satch of her fortune to Eun-seong Ko .CastHan Hyo-JooLee Seung-KiBae Soo-BinMoon Chae-WonKim Mi-SookKo Eun-SeongSeon Woo-HwanPark Jun-SeYu Seung-MiPaek Seong-HeeBan Hyo-JungChoi Jung-WooYoo Ji-InJeon In-TaekYeon Jun-SukJang Suk-JaPark Tae-SuOh Yeong-RanKo Pyeong-JoongKo Eun-WooLee Seung-HyeongHan Ye-WonJung Suk-WonKim Jae-SeungSon Yeo-EunPyo Seong-CheolSeon Woo-JeongJin Yeong-SeokLee Hyeong-JinJeong In-YeongMin Yeong-WonLee Hye-RiAdditional Cast Members:� Baek Seung-Hyeon - restaurant manager� Ha Dae-Ro - waiter� Kim Ho-Chang� Lee Ye-EunTrailers Htet Aug wstch 2016 2:38 amOne of the best Kdrama I've ever watched.

If you love Kdrama, just give it a try. You'll love it. The songs are really good and match the scenes. Just finished a few days ago and now I want to watch it again.

lol�:DHan Hyo Joo's the best. ^_^ Abdoo19 Jun 13 2016 5:01 pmthis for sure one of my top3 kdramas. I love the story so much and I love the character of Eun Sung . Han Hyo-Joo really did a very amazing actI love the grandma too and Huwan and almost everyonethank you for this sweet addiction divya Nov 06 2015 7:50 amsuperb dramanever expected this to be that addictive ,each & every actor performed their best.

chemistry between seung gi and han hyo joo is superb,,!!!! slow buildupAs for brillliant script 10/10 ,direction 10/10. worth every minutesometimes i feel it exceeds city hunter and master sun�:D Harry Oct 04 2015 7:28 amA nice but lengthy drama! Completely adore both Lee Seung ji and Han Hyo Joo. Their portrayal of Hwan and Go Eun Sung was really amazing.

Their chemistry was great. The drama had a good start then dragged a bit in the middle but soon caught up and ended really fine. Special mention for the Grandma character who was top notch.The story briilliant fine. The music synced with the theme of the drama very well.They could have added more scenes like after Eun Sung comes back from US. That would have been great. I can say this is one of the best kdramas.

If you want clean and entertaining drama with the right mix of melodrama and romantic comedy elements, go for it. HopesDD Nov 30 2014 10:39 amAn amazing classic, totally love it no matter how much I watch it. A story that looks boring but attract you and warm your heart with its smart epsode. Seriously, it's GOLD. love Jun 15 2014 2:12 pmI'm watching Brilliant Legacy Right now and I fall in love with Hwan again and birlliant .

SEUNG GI OPPA I LOVE YOU .my cute baby Hope your eye recovers soon and I see you smiling and healthy again my love . Thilini v. Mar 20 2014 9:46 amDoes anybody noticed that in Brilliant Legacy,from the begining on, both Hwan-Sung wore same colour and same type clothes like a true couple,I think Go Eung Sung even wore Sun Woo Hwangs own clothes few times, how romantic�:-D Thilini v Feb 22 2014 1:10 pmI lost count of how many times I've watched BL,great plot, brilliant acting,my all time fav.num.1 K drama,Seung-Joo (Hwan-Sung) is most probably the reason of my BL addiction,Seung-Joo forever!please do another project together,I'll never get tired of watching you both together! Clarkdale44 Jan 26 2014 3:02 pmWell a nice change vinal pace.

I liked the story and it was entertaining. Casting was superb, both Han Hyo-Joo and Lee Seung-Ki performed their best. But i feel as chemistry between two leads was somewhat weak, don't know if its only me who felt that way. Although the story sequence was alright i felt as it was being dragged unnecessarily. Anyway in the end all worked out dinal. I enjoyed it.WARNING:- Don't read further if you have yet to watch this drama:-Although the story is entertaining, you will feel frustrated and angry because of such mother, yeah i am quite familiar with stepmothers in dramas who throws out the children from first marriage in such situations but what she did was beyond explanation.

Throughout the entire drama i felt so annoyed by the character of Paek Seong-Hee and even her daughter Yu Seung-Mi that was i about to go crazy. I felt as she was crazy and had some sort of mental problem.I don't think she plans give up in wach end if it wasn't for Eun-Seong's father, who threatened her that he will turn himself in.If i talk about supporting cast, i feel sorry for Park Jun-Se, he helped Eun-Seong throughout the series since the beginning and yet his heart was crushed in the end.

I still don't understand this feeling called love. He helped her so many times and even helped her father, its hard to believe that she didn't felt anything for him. Also Eun-Seong didn't had the slightest idea that her father was alive and looking for her, she wouldn't even have been able to meet her father if it wasn't for Jun-Se.

Well he knew the meaning of loving someone, he must have thought her happiness lies with Hwan, so he gave up. On the other hand i don't feel any bad for Yu Seung-Mi, she got what she deserved. I liked the happy ending. But Eun-Seong could have been announced as future heir of the company. Anyway i liked the character of Grandmother, she saw in Eun-Seong's kindness and pure heart, it was a right decision to make her future successor of the company, although she declined watc in the end.

28 episodes was bit too much depending on the story progress, story was being dragged for no reason in the middle of the series. Anyway i enjoyed this drama very much and i will recommend it to all.I will give it 9.5/10(For great casting, great story, great cinematography) JayKemz Dec 31 2012 2:24 pmI have a bone to pick with the directors of this k-drama: Why did they have to force finla main actress to fall in love with a spoilt brat over a perfectly nice guy???

AFTER i BECAME AWARE OF THESE DEVELOPMENTS I just stopped watching it.SO ANNOYED!!!!! Sameh Jul 14 2012 10:48 pmI have seen dramas from many different places and in many different languages.

Without a doubt this one is the best I have ever seen! Every moment of this drama was filled with so much passion and emotion. The music only added to the experience. Every aspect of it was simply brilliant! A fitting name for such a drama. Gasenadi May 23 2012 12:22 pmI was grateful for the later story of worker/shareholders organizing to save their company; a small, business run by a single mom (Grandma, wonderful actress Ban Hyo Jeong) who never forgot that the company was not hers, but the workers', and preferred small success to corporate greed.

Watch brilliant legacy final episode haven't qatch to the resolution of that conflict with the Board and Lawyer Park. But just that inclusion of workers giving bfilliant little they had to maintain their company's identity was surprising enough. Kim Mi Suk as Evil Stepmom portrays an intriguing and "cool" villain.

She's no irrational, screeching banchee, but an elegant, detached lady convinced she's just acting with common sense to insure her daughter's future (Moon Chae Won never disappoints me!) Predictable, INFURIATING romance just proves love is deaf, dumb, blind, insane and sick. Rushell Lewis May 16 2012 2:55 pmI just love this movie.

All my years on earth this is the best Directed by Jin Hyeok (??)Screenplay by So Hyeon-kyeong (???)� Drama SBS | Airing dates : 2009/04/25~2009/07/2628 episodes - Sat, Sun 22:00Alternative title : "Brilliant Legacy"SynopsisEun-seong is studying overseas in New York when she is suddenly called back to Korea by her dad just 2 years into her studies.

Meanwhile, Sun-woo Hwan is also ordered to return to Korea by his grandmother after studying abroad for 3 years in which he hardly studied. Koh Pyeong-jung, who is Eun-seong?s father, struggles to save his company from going bankrupt. One day, his wallet is stolen by a thief along with his ID and credit cards.

The thief subsequently dies in a gas explosion accident and the police, upon finding Koh Pyeong-jung?s wallet on him, mistakenly identify him as Koh. So a death certificate for Koh Pyeong-jung is promptly issued. Koh decides to lay low and not tell his family that he is alive to keep the creditors at bay for the time being. But his second wife who is Eun-seong?s stepmother, collects ffinal insurance money that is paid out from his life insurance policy watxh then kicks out her stepchildren Eun-seong and Eun-woo while moving into a new home with her watch brilliant legacy final episode Seung-mi.

Eun-seong asks for assistance from her boyfriend Hyung-jin who turns her down. Soon after her brother Eun-woo, who is mentally retarded, goes missing. While searching for her brother, Eun-seong works as a waitress at a nightclub and meets Joon-sae, a friend of her former boyfriend. Joon-sae helps Eun-seong as much as he can.

A year later, Eun-seong is still looking for her brother and decides to transfer to a Korean college. So she quits her waitress job and starts selling dumplings to make enough money to pay for her tuition. Meanwhile, Jang Sook-ja, the founder of a food company, becomes deeply disappointed in her grandson Hwan who has no direction in his life.

So to gather her thoughts on what to do about her grandson, she visits her old neighborhood in the poor section of the city watcch she encounters Eun-seong who is selling dumplings. She hears about Eun-seong?s hardships and immediately sees that Eun-seong is an honest, hardworking person with a heart made of gold. So to test Eun-seong?s mettle, she moves in with her for a month, sharing a tiny room. Afterwards, Jang Sook-ja makes up her mind to appoint Eun-seong as the heir of her food company and brings her home.

Source �Han Hyo-joo???AsKo Pyeong-joong's daughter, Ko Eun-seong(???? ?, ???)�Lee Seung-gi???AsPresident Jang's successor, Seon Woo-hwan(? ??? ???, ???)�Moon Chae-won???AsSeong-hee's daughter, Yoo Seung-mi(?? ?, ???)�Bae Soo-bin???AsRestaurant manager, Park Joon-se(???? ???, ???)�Ban Hyo-jeong???AsHwan's grandma, President Jang/Jang Sook-ja(?? ???, ? ??/???)�Yoo Ji-in???AsHwan's mother, Oh Yeong-ran(?? ???, ???) Pictures| Facts| NewsCommunity| Top�Full episode 1 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 2 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 3 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 4 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 5 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 6 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 7 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema�Full episode 8 on DramaFeverWatch episode on HanCinema You're reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss� Suzy, Park Shin-hye and Han Hyo-joo's heated competition this summer2016/03/31, Source,This coming June and July, Suzy, Park Shin-hye and Han Hyo-joo will go to battle with their new dramas.Suzy is coming back with the KBS 2TV drama "Uncontrollably Fond", Park Shin-hye with the SBS drama "Doctors" and Han Hyo-joo with the MBC drama 'W".

More� Han Hyo-joo, Cheon Woo-hee and Kim Ok-bin, the muses that took over the screens2016/03/09, Source,'God! Thirty diva' is the term referred to actresses or singers who have outstanding talents. Those divas who were born in 1987 are turning thirty or have turned thirty already this year.These 'girls' build on their filmography all these years and have become legit actresses.

They have come past their 20s and have settled in their 30s now which allows them more room. More� Yeon Joon-seok, "Nam Ji-hyeon is kind"2016/02/01, Source,Actor Yeon Joon-seok said Nam Ji-hyeon is "Bright and a kind friend".Yeon Joon-seok starred in brilliant SBS UHD Special "Mystery Freshman".

This drama is about finding hope and happiness amongst fake university students. More� Choi Ji-woo, Kim Go-eun-I, Jeong Ryeo-won all on tvN2015/08/25, Source,All actresses and writers are gathering to tvN.

They are all coming back with cable. They chose work over viewing percentage. They have been thirsty for eplsode and this time they held hands for a better filmography. It's a rush of actresses in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Kim Go-eun-I is back with "Cheese in the Trap", Jeong Ryeo-won with "Bubble Gum" and Choi Ji-woo with "Twenty Again".

Who will be the one to laugh?- Choi Ji-woo in her 40s � she might be lovelier than a 20-year-oldShe's back. She's attempting at the best character ever. She is a mother with a 20-year-old son and a wife of a professor as well as a freshman of 2015. She has to play 3 eipsode. More Pictures| Facts| NewsCommunity| Top DistributionSBS (SBS)StaffTechnics� HD � 16/9Web & award(s)Sales or release dates & Box OfficeAiring dates�: 2009/04/25~2009/07/26 Commenting guidelines- Stay on topic and do not spam.- Emoticons are fun, but actual thoughts are appreciated.- Refrain from abusive language.- Post only in English, as this is an English language community.- Do not share pages or media unrelated to the topic you are commenting on.- Do not request or mention illegal download/streaming services.- No graphic content allowed.- Respect the right of other users to share their opinion.

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