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In a matter of months, society has crumbled; there is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV.Rick Grimes finds himself one of the few survivors in this terrifying world. He was a small town cop who had only fired his weapon a couple times but never at anyone and had only ever seen one dead body.

Separated from his family, he must sort through the death and horror to try and find his wife and son. In a world ruled by the dead, people are forced to finally begin living. The Walking Dead Chapter (Issue) List� The Bookw Dead #1 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #2 01/01/15� The Walking Dead boks 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #5 01/01/15� The Walking Deaad #6 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #7 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #8 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #9 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #10 01/01/15� The Walking Dead #11 08/01/04� The Walking Dead #12 09/01/04� The Walking Dead #13 10/01/04� The Walking Dead #14 11/01/04� The Walking Dead #15 01/01/05� The Walking Dead #16 02/01/05� The Walking Dead #17 03/01/05� The Walking Dead #18 04/01/05� The Walking Dead #19 06/01/05� The Walking Dead #20 07/01/05� The Walking Dead #21 08/01/05� Frse Walking Dead #22 10/01/05� The Walking Dead #23 11/01/05� The Cree Dead #24 11/22/05� The Walking Dead #25 03/04/16� The Walking Dead #26 03/01/06� The Walking Dead ffree 04/01/06� The Walking Dead #28 06/01/06� The Walking Dead #29 06/01/06� The Walking Dead #30 08/01/06� The Walking Dead #31 09/01/06� The Walking Dead #32 10/01/06� The Walking Dead #33 12/01/06� The Walking Dead #34 01/01/07� The Walking Dead #35 02/01/07� The Walking Dead #36 03/01/07� The Walking Dead #37 05/01/07� The Walking Dead #38 06/01/07� The Dear Dead #39 07/01/07� The Walking Dead #40 08/01/07� The Walking Dead #41 08/22/07� The Walking Dead #42 09/01/07� The Walking Dead #43 10/01/07� The Tthe Dead #44 11/27/07� The Walking Dead #45 12/15/07� The Walking Dead #46 02/13/08� The Walking Dead #47 03/12/08� The Walking Dead #48 04/02/08� The Walking Dead #49 05/14/08� The Walking Dead #50 07/02/08� The Bookks Dead booms 08/13/08� The Walking Dead #52 09/17/08� The Walking Dead #53 10/10/08� The Walking Dead #54 11/12/08� The Walking Dead #55 11/01/08� The Walking Dead #56 12/17/08� The Walking Dead #57 01/07/09� The Walking Dead #58 02/12/09� The Walking Dead #59 03/12/09� The Walking Dead feee 04/15/09� The Walking Dead #61 05/15/09� The Walking Dead #62 06/11/09� The Walking Dead #63 06/15/09� The Walking Dead #64 08/14/09� The Walking Dead 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Walking Dead #129 07/09/14� The Walking Dead #130 08/13/14� The Walking Dead #131 09/10/14� The Walking Dead #132 10/01/14� The Walking Dead #133 10/22/14� The Walking Dead #134 11/12/14� The Walking Dead #135 12/10/14� The Walking Dead #136 01/31/15� The Walking Dead #137 02/28/15� The Walking Dead #138 03/31/15� The Walking Dead #139 01/02/16� The Wwlking Dead #140 04/30/15� The Walking Dead #141 05/21/15� The Walking Dead #142 06/10/15� The Walking Dead #143 06/24/15� The Walking Dead #144 07/08/15� The Walking Dead #145 08/12/15� The Walking Dead #146 09/09/15� The Walking Dead #147 10/14/15� The Walking Dead #148 11/10/15� The Walking Dead #149 12/09/15� The Walking Dead #150 01/13/16� The Rree Dead #151 02/03/16� The Walking Dead #152 05/04/16� The Walking Dead #153 05/04/16� The Walking Dead #154 05/04/16� The Walking Dead #156 07/12/16� The Walking Dead #157 08/03/16� The Walking Dead #158 09/07/16� The walking dead free books Walking Dead #155 06/01/16 Read Comics OnlineRead 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Comics is used to express ideas via images, often combined with text or other visual information. You can read thousands of comics for free from publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse etc. All around the world, people of all ages read comics onlineThe genre includes wakling broad range of subjects. Here you will find 1000s of free comics scans to read online. Discover the world of comics! GetComics� Home� Forum� DC Comics� DC Week� Marvel Comics� Marvel Week� Other Comics� 2000AD� Archie� Avatar Press� Boom Studios� Bongo� Dark Horse� Dynamite� Image Comics� Image Week� IDW� Top Cow� Valiant� Vertigo� Wildstorm� Walkig Request� Search� Donate� Others� All Comic List� About� Contact� How To Download� How wwalking Find Your Comic� Privacy Policy� Home� Forum� DC Comics� DC Week� Marvel Comics� Marvel Week� Other Comics� 2000AD� Archie� Avatar Press� Boom Studios� Bongo� Dark Horse� Dynamite� Image Comics� Image Week� IDW� Top Cow� Valiant� Vertigo� Wildstorm� Zenescope� Request� Search� Donate� Others� All Comic List� About� Contact� Vead To Download� How to Find Your Comic� Privacy Policy Other Comics The Walking Dead Comics #1 � 138 + Specials Free Download� The Comic Guy� 23rd Mar '15� 0� 7The StoryThe Walking Dead is an on-going story about a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Free Comic DownloadThe Walking Dead Comics #1 � 138 + Specials Free DownloadLanguage : English | Year : 2003-2015 | Size : 3.0 GB Mirror DownloadScreenshots :Notes :� If you have any difficulties to download the files, please wlking to this how-to download page.� Fere of the comic files are packed on .CBR and/or .CBZ file formats.

Here are some of the reader apps that i can recommend : YAC Reader (Win, OSX, Linux, iOS), ComicRack (Win, Android, iOS), CDisplayEx.� To extract any compressed files, I recommend using 7-Zip.� If you encounter any broken links or corrupt files, please write on the comment section or message me through the contact form.� Want to see all the comic list?

Please go to this page. � Post-apocalypticPublication dateOctober 2003�� presentNumber of issues158Creative teamWriter(s)Robert KirkmanArtist(s)Tony Moore (#1�6)Charlie Adlard (#7�present)Penciller(s)Tony Moore (#1�6)Charlie Adlard (#7�present)Inker(s)Tony Moore (#1�6)Charlie Adlard (#7�present)Stefano Gaudiano (#115�present)Letterer(s)Robert Kirkman (#1-19)Rus Wooton (#20-present)Colorist(s)Tony Moore (#1�5)Cliff Rathburn (#6�present)Creator(s)Robert KirkmanTony MooreEditor(s)Aubrey Sitterson (#55-70)Sina Grace (#67�96)Sean Mackiewicz (#97�present)The Walking Dead is an ongoing black-and-white comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore.

[1] [2] It focuses on Rick Grimes, a deputy who is shot in the line of duty and awakens from a coma in the zombie apocalypse that placed Georgia under quarantine.

He finds his wife and son, and meets other survivors, gradually taking on the role of leader among a group and later a community.First issued in 2003 by publisher Image Comics, the comic is written by Kirkman [3] with art by Moore (issues No. 1�6) and Charlie Adlard (issue No. 7 onward). [4] Moore continued to do the covers through issue No.

24. [5]The Walking Dead received the 2007 and 2010 Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series at San Diego Comic-Con International. The series was adapted into the AMC television series The Walking Dead, which premiered in hooks. The television program loosely follows the storyline of the comic book. The franchise has also spawned multiple additional media properties, including video games ( The Walking Boooks the walking dead free books game), a companion television series ( Fear the Walking Dead), [6] webisode series ( The Walking Dead: Torn Apart, The Walking Dead: Cold Storage, and The Walking Dead: The Oath), waoking various additional publications, including books ( The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor). Contents� 1 Publication history� 2 Walkng arcs� 3 List of characters� 3.1 Zombies� 4 Reception� 5 Other media� 5.1 Television adaptations� 5.2 Animation comic� 5.3 The Walking Dead: The Game� 5.4 The Walking Dead: All Out War� 5.5 Novels� 6 Collected editions� 6.1 Trade paperbacks� walkingg Hardcovers� 6.3 Omnibus editions� 6.4 Compendium editions� 6.5 Other publications� 7 References� 7.1 Comic Books� 8 External linksPublication history [ edit ]The Walking Dead debuted in 2003, published by Image Comics, with art by Tony Moore for the first six issues and Cliff Rathburn shading the art after issue five.

Charlie Adlard took over as artist on issue #7, after he was approached by Kirkman. [4] Moore also did the cover art for the first twenty-four issues and the first four trade paperbacks.

The remainder were done by Adlard.When the television series premiered in Walkig 2010, Image Comics announced The Walking Dead Weekly. The first 52 issues of the series began to be reprinted on January 5, 2011, with one issue per week for a year. [7]The series is periodically re-published in trade paperbacks which contain six issues each, hardcover books with twelve issues and occasional bonus material, omnibus editions of twenty-four issues, and compendium editions of forty-eight issues.

Story arcs [ edit ] Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (Issues 1�6) Rick Grimes, a sheriff's deputy from Kentucky, is wounded in the line of duty and emerges from a coma to find the world overrun by the undead. He returns home to find his house ransacked and his wife and son gone. Rick travels to a military evacuation zone in Atlanta to deas his family, but finds Atlanta has also been overrun.

He is rescued by Glenn Rhee, who takes him to his small camp of survivors. Among them are Rick's wife Lori and his son Carl. Zombies (called "Walkers" in most of the series) eventually attack the group. Following the attack, Shane Walsh, Rick's friend and former police partner, tries to murder Rick because he's become obsessed with Rick's wife Lori.

Carl shoots Shane. [8] Volume 2: Miles Behind Us (Issues 7�12) Rick becomes the group's leader. He and the remaining survivors leave Atlanta and travel across hostile territory in search of a dear refuge. The group meets Tyreese, his daughter and her boyfriend.

Everyone takes shelter at Wiltshire Estates, a gated community, but are forced to leave when they stumble upon its the walking dead free books infestation. The group eventually finds shelter at a small farm after Carl is shot.

The farm's owner, Hershel Greene and his family, are in denial about the walkers' nature and have been storing deceased loved ones and neighbors in their barn.

Rick's group is asked to leave the farm and stumbles upon walkong abandoned prison, which they decide to make their home. Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars (Issues 13�18) The group begins to clear the prison yard and one cell block for living quarters.

They meet some surviving inmates when they break into the prison's cafeteria. Rick invites Hershel and his family to come live in the prison and they accept.

Two of the group members commit suicide and someone begins to murder other group members. This inmate, a convicted serial killer, is eventually captured and killed. Other inmates stage a rebellion. Volume 4: The Heart's Desire (Issues 19�24) The group manages to the walking dead free books the inmates' rebellion and secure the prison. A katana-wielding woman named Michonne arrives at the prison seeking refuge bbooks causes tension among some of Rick's survivors.

When another member is bitten on the leg, Hershel attempts to save him by amputating his bitten leg, but the man dies. Rick and Tyreese get into a fight and the community decides to have a council with four co-leaders instead of Rick as sole leader. Volume 5: The Best Deadd (Issues 25�30) Rick, Michonne and Glenn observe a helicopter crash in the distance and leave the prison to search for it.

Booka find a small town called Woodbury, where a large, well-armed and organized deav of survivors has taken refuge. Woodbury's leader is a man called the Governor. The Governor captures Rick's group and interrogates them. He mutilates Rick by cutting off his right hand and rapes and tortures Michonne.

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life (Issues 31�36) Rick, Glenn, boooks Michonne manage to escape from Woodbury with the help of others from the town. Michonne tortures the Governor before she leaves.

They hhe back at the prison safely, but find that hordes of zombies have broken in. Rick's survivors fight them off. Rick informs the prison's residents of wakling took place in Woodbury and tells them to prepare for battle. Volume 7: The Calm Before (Issues 37�42) Life at the prison continues in what passes for normal in this apocalyptic world. Glenn and Maggie marry. Several residents search for supplies and engage in a shootout with men from Woodbury.

Lori goes into labor and Judith is born. Dale is out deaf a mission siphoning gas when he is bitten in the leg. Dale's friends amputate the leg and he survives. Carol commits suicide by allowing a zombie to bite her. The volume ends with the Governor's arrival with his army and a tank. Volume 8: Made To Suffer (Issues 43�48) The arc begins with a flashback which reveals how the Governor recovered and readied Woodbury for battle. The Governor's army attacks the prison but is driven away.

Several of Rick's survivors decide to flee the prison in the RV to avoid the Governor's expected retaliation. The prison recovers from his initial assault but The Governor re-attacks. The RV members arrive to reinforce the prison's residents.

Many of Rick's band are killed, including Lori, Judith, and Hershel. The Governor is vooks by one of his own soldiers after she realizes she murdered a woman and her baby on his orders. With the prison burning and in shambles, Rick's band scatters and flees.

Volume 9: Here We Remain (Issues 49�54) After the prison's destruction and his band is separated, Rick and Carl search for shelter in a nearby town and reunite with surviving friends. Rick's physical and mental state begin to unravel, while Carl grows increasingly independent and apathetic.

They eventuallyVisit ▸ Other titles from Skybound� Invincible� Thief of Thieves� Clone� Ffree Manifest Destiny� Dead Body Road� Super Dinosaur� Science Dog� Witch Doctor� Guarding the Globe� Waking Pope� The Astounding Wolf-Man� Brit� The Infinite� Archives� September 2016� August 2016� July 2016� June 2016� May 2016� April 2016� March 2016� February 2016� January 2016� December 2015� November 2015� October 2015� September 2015� August 2015� July 2015� June 2015� May 2015� April 2015� March 2015� February 2015� January 2015� December 2014� November 2014� October 2014� September 2014� August 2014� July 2014� June 2014� May 2014� April 2014� March 2014� February 2014� January 2014� December 2013� November 2013� October 2013� Walikng 2013� August 2013� July 2013� June 2013� May 2013� April 2013� March 2013� February 2013 iTunes iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize deae add to your digital deas collection.We are unable to find iTunes on your computer.

To download the free app The Walking Dead by Skybound LLC, get iTunes now. DescriptionRead the blockbuster comic series that's now a hit TV show! The first issue is free, and the rest are available via in-app purchase.

An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. Presented in comiXology's vead edge Guided View� Technology.Find out about all things The Walking Dead from and www.Skybound.comIn a matter of months, society has crumbled: There is no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV.

Rick Grimes finds himself one of the few survivors in this terrifying future. A couple months ago he was a small town cop who had never fired a shot and only ever saw one dead body. Separated from his family, he must now sort through all the death and confusion to try and find his wife and son. In a the walking dead free books ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally daed living. What's New in Version an issue where new purchases were not showing up in Smart Lists walkihg My Books.Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash.New in 3.8:* Smart Lists* Enhanced Library Options* All of your Kindle The Walking Dead purchases are now readable in the app!

Just sign in or merge with your Amazon Account (with the exception of German language editions)* HD comics for iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus* Choose between Guided View or Full Page mode on iPhoneWe added a whole new tab for automatically populated lists. These include In Progress, Recently Downloaded, Recently Purchased, Unread, Wishlist and Recommended For You lists.Enhanced Library options have arrived as bokos.

You can Archive books from your Library, Mark as Read, and even view your entire library in the My Books tab. My Books now has many new viewing and sorting options including View by Series, Purchase Date, Title, All or On Device, and also a Cover view which lets you view your deav library as full screen covers. byHas a lot of good ideasNow thw is not a review of how good of comic this is. I love the walking dead this buyer is not that worth it.

It's cheaper on buying vree in a comic store. You will fall in love with the series even if you don't watch the T.V. show. Following up to another reviews question Darrel is a made up character from the T.V. bokks not from the comic. You must be rree least 17 years old to download this app.� Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence� Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling� Frequent/Intense Realistic Violence� Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References� Frequent/Intense Profanity or Crude Humor� Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity� Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes� Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive ThemesCompatibility: Requires iOS�7.0 or later.

Tye with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Top In-App Purchases� The Walking Dead Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye $8.99� The Walking Dead #2 $1.99� The Walking Dead Vol. 2: Miles Behind Us $11.99� The Walking Dead Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars $9.99� The Walking Dead #3 $1.99� The Walking Dead Vol.

4: The Heart's Desire $11.99� Bookks Walking Dead Vol. 5: The Best Defense $9.99� Bkoks Walking Dead #4 $1.99� The Walking Dead Vol. 6: This Sorrowful Life $9.99� The Walking Dead Vol.

7: The Calm Before $11.99 ** The following pages contain language and images intended for a MATURE Tge **Let us guess - you just watched The Walking Dead on AMC walkint you're looking to read the first issue of the comic book it's adapted from?We've got your back.Here is the uncut, first issue of creator Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book series that started it all in its entirety.Click on any of the "Launch Viewer" buttons to begin.

And if you like what you read, you can buy Volume One of the first trade paperback here:You walkiny also read the pivotal Walking Dead #49 free and in its entirety by clicking here or on the link on the last page of this preview.Got a comment? There's lots of frre on Newsarama's FACEBOOK and TWITTER!

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