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Once you're in the applications menu, you're going to look for 'Settings', which is a gear icon. Tap that one time, and that's going to open up our settings menu. Now I'm filming it on its side so that this is easier for you to see, as I'm swiping my fingerprints in the register there.

Otherwise, we would have it upright. Finger Scanner is going to let us register and manage our fingerprints, and then we'll be able to choose the screen lock that we're going to have, and we can also verify our Samsung account if we choose to. We can also change our alternative password. So, let's start with registering our fingerprints. Let's go back just so I can lockk you again. I've now gone to my main screen; I've tapped on 'Apps'.

Next, I've tapped on 'Settings'. Under the settings, in 'Quick Settings', I've found 'Finger Ringerprint. I've tapped on 'Finger Scanner', and now I'm going to tap on 'Fingerprint manager' scajner time. That's going to bring up a window that tells me, "In order for fingerprint recognition desbloquer function, your fingerprint information needs to be registered and stored in your device." So, once that's done, and it's registered, I will have the option to use my fingerprint for fingerprint lock, or to verify my Samsung account.

Now this is important, because you can simply set up the lock; however, this way you've got your fingerprints registered and then you can use them. So this is actually the best way to set this up for your device. So, this is fine with me. I don't need to see this again, but I'm going to leave it unchecked because I may make another tutorial later.

For you, just tap 'Do not show again' and then click OK. Now the device is going to tell us we need to slide our finger downward over the 'Home' key, and we need to repeat this a total of eight times.

So, I'm going to slide my finger over this key a total of eight times. As I'm doing this, I'm trying to put my finger on a finverprint different angle, moving it a little desbloqueear the side as you see how my hand is turning as I do this. The reason for this is because sometimes my finger might not be in the exact position.

So, that's my fingerpint finger; now that finger is registered there. Now, I can enter a password to use as an alternative to my fingerprint. Another important thing is later, if you set up a VPN or other account, you're going to need an alternative password setting that's going to come up. That password needs to be at least six characters, and one of them has to be a number, so it's always a good clmo to try and pick something with some numbers in it.

So let's pick something easy, and not something we'll forget. I entered "VisiHow15". Now, click 'Continue'. Now all I have to do is press the button to lock my screen, and now when I press it to unlock it, it's going to give me the option to slide my fingerprint across, or use my alternative password or make an emergency call.

So what I should do is just slide that finger across there. It's recognized, and now we're in the device, so I can press the 'Home' button to get back to my home screen. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to register the finger on my left hand. Same procedure as before. One time straight down, then a little bit sideways, then a little bit sideways on the other side, and so on. So, these are now both registered. If you have any interest in deleting them or desbloquwar them, it's very easy to do.

You just tap these little three dots here, and you get the option to deregister one of them. And you can select one or all of them, or you can tap 'Back' if you change your mind. Now, I can press the 'Home' button to go home. I can lock my device and press desbloqjear lock key again to open it. And when I want to open it, I can use my left finger or my right finger. So as you can see, I've now set up fingerprint scanning on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, xcanner you can do it the same way.

Thanks for using VisiHow. If you have any questions or need help with this, please let us know in the section below. And remember, don't forget that alternative password. If you do, we have a password help section you can use, which will help you get back into your device.

Have a great dewbloquear powerful Galaxy S5 is packed with one of the fastest processors, a fantastic camera and lots of features to help with your health. We have all the tutorials, instructions and tips on how to get the most out of your phone here: Category:All About Samsung Galaxy S5. First among the lines of Samsung Galaxy phones, Galaxy S5 has incorporated Fingerprint Recognition on its touch screen. This finger scanner adds a layer of security and accessibility, and at the same time, it can be used to login through your Samsung Account and make payments through Paypal.

You can also use your fingerprints to unlock your device's screen. This article will discuss all the things you need to comoo to setup your phone to lock using the fingerprint locking technology and unlock it using your finger. Before you can use Fingerprint Recognition on your device, you need deebloquear register a fingerprint on Galaxy S5. Your device can store up to a maximum of three fingerprints into it. To register a fingerprint, do these procedures: If this is the first time that you are registering a fingerprint, then proceed to the next step.

If a fingerprint has already been registered on your device, a pop-up window will appear asking for a confirmation from the fingerprint that has already been saved. Scan your fingerprint on fingerprnt Galaxy S5 and tap to continue. Tap and hold on the fingerprint area then slowly drag your finger downwards until you touch the Home button. You will be required to do this eight (8) times. If scanning fails, repeat the procedures until eight swipes are accepted. A pop-up window will appear asking for an alternative password.

Enter the password and tap Continue desblqouear proceed. Enter the same password again to verify your password and tap on OK to confirm. This password will be used to unlock your Galaxy S5 in case your fingerlrint doesn't recognize your finger. You're done registering a fingerprint on your Galaxy S5.

A pop-up window will appear asking for a fingerprint lock. Tap on OK and choose Fingerprint. You can then use your fingerprint to unlock your device's screen. You have now successfully set your phone to be unlocked using your fingerprint. When your phone's screen goes off or gets locked, Galaxy S5 will ask you to swipe your finger into the fingerprint scanner to unlock it. � Make sure that you swipe your finger until you reach the Home button.

Your device's Home button contains a fingerprint recognition sensor. Take extra care of your Home button, do not put your phone in your pocket together coins, keys or other metals as they could scratch and damage your Home button. � Static electricity can build up on your Galaxy S5 if it's in a desbliquear dry environment. If you can, do not use the fingerprint feature coom this instance.

If desbooquear really like to use the feature, make sure that you discharge any static electricity buildup by touching any metal object before resbloquear your phone. I forgot my alternate password?I forgot my alternate password. How do Pock reset it?In order to get into your device, you are going to need to perform a Hard Reset which in fact scannre reset/erase all cono information from your Android device. In order to help you with the process, you can follow these simply instructions below on hard resetting your Android based device: 1.

Power off your device.2. Press and hold Power + Volume Down key.3. Desbloqhear these two buttons until you reach the Boot menu on your device.4. On the bottom menu, use the Volume keys to highlight the factory data Reset/Wipe option.5. Press the Power button or Menu lodk in order to make the selection to perform the Hard Reset option on your desbloqudar is a video that you can also lok on performing the Hard Reset option on your current device: more questions like this: I FORGOT MY S5's PASSWORD, HOW CAGoogle Play Link:!Nobody can use your phone without your fingerprint.Try the new amazing Android Fingerprint Lock Scanner app.

Much improved over existing ones, this app acanner you some cool new features to enjoy. The best fingerprint lockscreen scanner that actually works as a desbloqueqr screen.FEATURES:? Cool new HD quality wallpapers and backgrounds themes gallery to chose from: Ice Cream Sandwich theme, iPhone 5 fingerprinnt 4S theme, windows phone 8 theme, apple mac theme background.? Option to use as lock screen for your phone (default is off - please use the options zcanner to enable it).? Secret hint (read on to find out what it is)? Cool sounds and fingerprinnt animations add more realism to the live fingerprint scanner.?Options to set the number of scans before unlocking.? Ability to share the app to your friends via Facebook, Bluetooth, email, Skype, etc.HOW TO USE:? Go to Settings and set the number of scans to unlock (default is 3).? Give your phone to an unsuspecting friend and tell him/her to unlock the phone.? He will fail.

Desblouqear if he gets the correct number of scans there is a short time frame available for unlocking.? Then since you know number of times to unlock it. Prove to him you can unlock it.? NEW! Added extra tip for desbloqusar to locck them unlock the screen. Watch for the time text changing color slightly gray. this indicates that it's the right time to take your finger off the ringerprint to unlock the app.- Trademarks -This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone.

All themes used are free wallpapers. All authors hold the copyright over their works. All images and ideas are registered trademarks of the respective authors.No personal information will ever be fingerpint from you in our apps.Google Play Link: Navigate� Videos� Features� Reviews� RSS Feeds� Mobile Site� About Ars� Staff Directory� Contact Us� Advertise clmo Ars� ReprintsFilter by topic� Biz & IT� Tech� Science� Policy� Cars� Gaming & Culture� ForumsSettings Risk Assessment �Fingerprint lock in Samsung Galaxy 5 easily defeated by whitehat hackers Multiple weaknesses put devices olck PayPal accounts within reach of attackers.Dan Goodin- Apr 15, 2014 3:52 pm UTC Share this storyThe heavily marketed fingerprint sensor in Samsung's new Galaxy 5 smartphone has been defeated by whitehat hackers who were able to gain unfettered access to a PayPal account linked fingwrprint the handset.The sccanner, by researchers at Germany's Security Research Labs, is the latest to show the drawbacks of using fingerprints, iris scans, and other physical characteristics to authenticate an owner's identity to a computing ocmo.

While advocates promote biometrics as a safer and easier alternative to passwords, that information is leaked every time a person shops, rides a bus, or eats at a restaurant, giving attackers plenty of opportunity to llock and reuse it.

This new exploit comes seven months after a separate team of whitehat hackers bypassed Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner less than 48 hours after it first became available."We expected we'd be able to spoof the S5's Finger Scanner, but I hoped it would at least be a challenge," Ben Schlabs, a researcher at SRLabs, wrote in an e-mail to Ars.

"The S5 Finger Scanner feature offers nothing new except�because of the way it is implemented in this Android device�slightly higher risk than that already posed by previous devices." Schlabs, who was assisted by a deslboquear colleague who goes by the moniker Dexter, said the Samsung bypass was more concerning because, unlike the iPhone, the S5 has no mechanism requiring a password when encountering a large number of incorrect desbloqueear swipes.

Simply by rebooting the device, he was able to cause the handset to accept an unlimited number of incorrect swipes without requiring users to enter a password. More troubling still, the S5 fingerprint authenticator can be associated with sensitive banking or payment apps such as PayPal. Once Schlabs used a spoof fingerprint to bypass the lock, he was able to gain complete control of the account, including access to money transfers and purchases."Perhaps most concerning is that Samsung does not seem to have learned from what others have done less poorly," Schlabs said in a video demonstrating the hack.

"Not only is it possible to spoof the fingerprint authentication even after the device has been turned off, but the implementation also allows for seemingly unlimited authentication attempts without ever requiring a password. Incorporation of fingerprint authentication into highly sensitive apps such as PayPal gives a would-be attacker an even greater incentive to learn the simple skill of fingerprint spoofing."A PayPal spokesman issued a statement that said company officials take the SRLabs findings seriously and that the integration with the fingerprint reader is designed to guard against hacks."The scan unlocks a secure cryptographic key that serves as a password replacement for the phone," the statement read in part.

"We can simply deactivate the key from a lost or stolen device, and you can create a new one. PayPal also uses sophisticated fraud and risk management tools to try to prevent fraud before it happens. However, in the rare instances that it does, you are covered fibgerprint our purchase protection fingerprinr was the case with last September's Touch ID como desbloquear fingerprint scanner lock, the attack on Samsung's fingerprint reader used a "wood glue spoof" made from an etched PCB mold.

The spoofed lick was crafted by taking a camera-phone photo of an unprocessed latent print smudge left on a smartphone screen. Interestingly, the spoof was left over from work Schlabs did when researching Apple's Touch ID. For reasons he has yet to scannrr determine, the spoof doesn't work against an iPhone, but it had no problem unlocking the S5. Further Reading Defeating Apple�s Touch ID: It�s easier than you may thinkLike the researchers who bypassed Touch ID, Schlabs disagreed with critics who claim the hacks are unrealistic in real-world settings or require more skill than many people are capable of.

In an e-mail, he explained:For someone who has medium-resolution pictures of their fingerprints in databases around the world (or even pre-made spoofs lying around the office) like I do, the attack is already very practical.

For others, the use of fingerprint authentication on their phones and other devices fingerpriht the attack infinitely more likely. The incentive to steal digital fingerprint scans and learn how to mass-produce spoofs grows considerably with every new popular device that is desvloquear with poorly implemented fingerprint security.He said Samsung could have done much more to secure its fingerprint reader, including building in a strict password lockout after a few failed swipes attempts.

He also said company engineers should have implemented stricter anti-spoofing measures.Schlabs's other criticism of fingerprint authentication from Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and others is the inability to change the information used to prove a person's identity.

Once it leaks, the authentication keys are in the hands of attackers forever. He continued:Passwords can be changed if they are leaked or stolen, and they can be kept completely desbloquearr (even from hostile foreign police that one might be unlucky enough to encounter while traveling, for example), but you can always be physically forced to unlock your devices with your finger.

Gingerprint should be made aware that the security offered by fingerprints is not as easily measured as it is for passwords. Fingerprints can keep opportunistic snoops out, but do lokc protect well from targeted authentication fraud.SRLabs is only one of several groups that is reporting a successful hack of the Samsung dingerprint.

This article may be updated with additional details from additional attacks.Post updated to scanner PayPal finerprint. Promoted Comments� dribble Smack-Fu Master, in training jump to post Honestly, did anyone *really* expect anything different?Err.yes. It's not unreasonable for a tech giant company to know more than your average DIY tech enthusiast and sell high-end devices that said enthusiast would not be able to defeat.To expect - and more importantly, pay for - anything less is, on the other hand, a failure of not only the manufacturer but also the market.71 posts | registered Mar 6, 2011� cburn11 Smack-Fu Master, in training jump to post I'm not surprised in the least.I am curious, though.

how do high-end biometric sensors (ie: the ones Desbloqueaf imaging the .gov lokc in ultra-secure facilities) safeguard against the old movie trick of simply wrapping a printout of someone's fingerprint around their own finger? Do they require that the finger be at least 95*F and that a pulse is detected?What if you used a silicone wrapper for your finger?

With the advent of 3D printers, this can't really be that far off.Guards with guns watch you.8 posts | registered Sep 19, 2011� lightspd Wise, Aged Ars Veteran jump to post For someone who has medium-resolution pictures of their fingerprints in databases around the world (or even pre-made spoofs fingerpprint around the office) like I do, the attack is already very practical.The incentive to steal digital fingerprint scans and learn how to mass-produce spoofs grows considerably with every new popular device that is introduced with poorly implemented fingerprint security.That doesn't exactly sound like something Joe S5-Owner needs to worry about.

If someone steals my phone with the intent of accessing my personal data, they're not going to have access to my fingerprints unless they somehow managed to take the most incredibly stealthy and precise fingerpgint of my hand, no? My fingerprints only appear on one database so unless the thief also has access to that, I'd ha� 3D� Accessories� Breaking� Business� Cars� Celebrities�� eBooks� Events� Exclusive� Featured� Eesbloquear Hardware� Entertainment� Humor� Internet� Interview� Lifestyle��� Opinions� Retail� Security� Desbloqueear Software� Tablets� TV Just because your Android screen is protected by a password doesn�t mean is as safe as you thought it would be.

In fact, if you chose a password instead of a PIN or pattern unlock to protect your Lollipop device, then anyone can get into your phone with a trivial hack that was just discovered and shared with the world.DON�T MISS: iPhone 6s and iPad Pro must be very scary: Samsung is back with more anti-Apple propagandaAll Android devices that run fingerlrint version of Lollipop from Android 5.0 to Android 5.1.1 (before build version LMY48M) are susceptible to the hack as long as the lockscreen protection condition is met, research from the University of Texas shows.

The vulnerability was discovered in late June, with Google escalating severity from �Low� to �Moderate� by mid-July, after being privately informed on the issue.The hack works like this: you enter a scannner long string of characters when prompted for the password, and the smartphone is simply left dumbfounded.

The lockscreen crashes and the attacker gets access to the full contents of the phone.Google released Lollipop version LMY48M to Nexus devices recently, and the new build patches this major security issue.

Unfortunately, not all other Android devices that are already on Lollipop will be swiftly updated to the latest build.However, there is a way to fix this yourself. Just replace your password with a PIN, pattern lock, or fingerprint unlock, and you should be fine.A proof-of-concept video showing the hack in action, and the required steps to make it possible, follows below. Trending� Latest batch of iPhone 7 Plus photo samples are truly remarkable� $17 gets you a 10,000 mAh portable battery that can recharge your phone 5+ times� iPhone 7 review� Ultimate Pokemon Go cheat lets you walk anywhere in the game without moving an inch Related Articles� Android M and Lollipop: Google quietly improves password management across devices� New Lollipop update released for Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 9 - find the download links right here� Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will receive a big Lollipop update in the desbloqudar few weeks Retail� This solid, feature-rich dual-SIM phone boasts 3 times better battery life than its competitors� No headphone jack?

No problem. These $40 foldable Bluetooth headphones are the perfect travel companion BGR ON TWITTER� Jonathan Geller @boygenius 10hTwitter is a wrap dcanner Zach Epstein @zacharye 20 SepThe iPhone 7's stunning jet desbloqueqr finish goes through a nine-step process of fingerprjnt and polishing before being��� Advertise� Contact� About� Reviews� Apple� Mobile� Android� Topics Faisal Hussain2 years agoHow to Unlock Your Fingerprint-Protected Galaxy S5 Using Only One HandThe fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a little flack for its functionality, and that's mainly because the setup instructions ask you to swipe your index finger over the sensor to unlock desbloqeuar device or make mobile payments (and of course, because it was already hacked).The problem with their recommendation is that is just about all cases, unless your device is sitting on a desk, you'll need both hands to perform the index finger swipe.

One to hold the device, the other to swipe down your finger. Not desbkoquear ideal for normal usage.I'm going to show you how you should really set desbloqufar your fingerprint ID, cono that you xomo unlock your GS5 normally using just one hand. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

Step 1: Start a New Fingerprint ScanHead to your Settings to configure the Finger Scanner. This can be done by going to Settings -> Desbloquexr Scanner -> Fingerprint manager. If you haven't already set up a fingerprint, you will be prompted to do so.

If you've already done that, you can add co,o one by tapping the plus (+) sign. Step 2: Use Your Thumb InsteadNow, instead of following Samsung's suggestion of using your index finger, use your desbloqueat instead. Make sure to grasp your phone like you normally would como desbloquear fingerprint scanner lock your palm so that you're thumb will be in the proper position. And That's It!For me, this has been a revelation of sorts.

I was quite disappointed at having to use two hands to use the fingerprint sensor, and actually turned the feature off because of it. Scannfr, the ability to use the same hand that I'm holding the device with has completely changed tingerprint view of the feature.Check it out for yourself, and remember, you can store up to fimgerprint prints, so having your thumb and index finger is desbllquear doable.

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For the first 10 days or so, I never had the slightest issue como desbloquear fingerprint scanner lock the finger print sensor. Now all of a sudden, it's much more flaky. Did Samsung break something? i had some trouble about a week ago. I finally got on with Google and a Best Buy Samsung guys' help, but that didn't last, I got locked out fingerprnt.

We had to do a complete factory reset. Write those backup passwords somewhere. (Not in the phone) It also asked me for a numerical password that never worked.I haven't had any problems since then. The same exact thing is happening to me as well! It was working as expected earlier today but in the past few hours the fingerprint sensor did not accept any ones it knew (I have both myself and my spouse in there in case somebody is incapacitated).

It also did not accept my backup password. I have tried resetting it through google several times. It has never taken the changed passwords. Once (it has never given me the option again) I was able to get to a way to get in via my google account.

I changed my backup password and then when it needed it again for other security settings it lck to recognize that one as well!At this point about all I can think of is to go to sprint on Monday. So much for actually using my phone this weekend though.Any other ideas? If I can get to the way to sign in with google again I fingerpriht delete my fingerprints. Believe it has to do with the recent Samsung software updates affecting the fingerprint reader. Happened to me also.

Restarted device and still could not get in. After fourth finegrprint fifth mistake it comes up with Google account reset.Thank goodness for drsbloquear impressed with the reader until this happened. I will keep it though. If it happens again I will take it off. Mine did this as well.

But when I used my backup pw. It said it was wrong. Now Dewbloquear know that wasnt possible considering I use it for everything. It had me log in with Google after about 10 trys. When I logged in with google it had disabled the finger print scanner. I desbloqudar to re set it up.Posted via the Android Central App Mine did desbloqyear as well.

But when I used my backup pw. It said it was wrong. Now I know that wasnt possible considering I use it for everything. It had me log in with Google after about 10 trys. When I logged in with google it had disabled the finger print scanner. I had to re set it up.Posted via the Android Central AppFinally got bit by the bug.Same here today for the first time. I remembered the backup password, no chance that I can forget it.Finally recovered with google account, got in.

My saved finger print was removed and had to start all over scajner. well at least I got my phone back before had to call Samsung and perform the magic "wipe" routine. Hi,I have the edge.I've been toying with this since I got it this afternoon.Now I can't access my phone with fingerprint.

what's worse-I have SwiftKey on, and commo OS won't allow complex function like using # keypad.My google account has numbers in it, and I can't key it in.Not only that, I have power-save on. the screen keeps turning off.I'm screwed. This happened to be today too (except I was able to conjure up my backup password). For the first 10 days or so, I never had the slightest issue with the finger print sensor. Now all of a sudden, it's much more flaky. Did Samsung break something?Me too!

This happened fingerprimt me twice in the last 3 or 4 days. Fingeeprint had to use Google sacnner get access to my phone. I deleted my old finger scans and sfanner new ones. I could swear it didn't recognize my backup password either. I did reset it again yesterday.

We'll see if or how soon this happens again.-Rich Hi,I have the edge.I've been toying with this since I got it this afternoon.Now I can't access my phone with fingerprint. what's worse-I have SwiftKey on, and the OS won't allow complex function like using # keypad.My google account has numbers in it, and I can't key it in.Not only that, I have power-save on. the screen keeps turning off.I'm screwed.My Google password also contains numbers and I am using SwiftKey but I was able to sign in when my finger scan didn't work.-Rich I fixed this!

I had this problem, it wouldn't recognise my fingerprint or back up password which was 100%correct, it also failed to recognise my Gmail account.

I used a friends phone and logged into samsung find my vesbloquear which has scajner same Gmail details and worked. From there I could unlock the screen and reset my passwords Hi,I have the edge. I don't remember my backup password, and it does not accept my gmail accounts!!

I have google authenticator configured on my gmail accounts! I think I'm totally screwed! Is there anyway to unlock my phone? I tried to restart it several times! I tried to unlock it through trusted device which it still requires my fingerprint! (It seems it is a not trusted device at all ha! )Thanks I fixed this! I had this problem, it wouldn't recognise my fingerprint or back up password which was 100%correct, it also failed to recognise my Gmail account.

I used a friends phone and logged into samsung find my mobile which has the same Gmail details and worked. From there I could unlock the screen and reset my passwords This post could be mine except for the last 3 words.

I've tried to reset passwords, tried PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint but as soon as I lock the phone I have to use Samsung FMP to unlock it. I can only use the zero security swipe function.

This is so aggravating. I am having this problem tooSamsung Find my Mobile does not show my S6; I guess I had to have set that up on the phone itself and I never did. Google account is not working; it doesn't recognize my Google password. Is it because of 2FA? Backup password not working either and I know I have entered it correctly.

How infuriating! I don't want to wipe my device! Well, after the panic subsided, I went to my Google account and turned 2FA off. After doing that I was able to log into my device with my Google password.I had already tried to use an app-specific password with it, so that doesn't work.

This was scary and Samsung really needs to fix it quickly, or at least it needs to make it so that the backup password works! not sure if anyone answered but go to and sign in send signal to lock device with your password of choice and then your lck will ask u for that password then your inThat didn't work for me.

Android Device Manager popped a message that the device already had a password lock set. On the phone it did pop the message that I set with Android Device Manager but the password that I set with it didn't work.I think that this is a pretty serious bug that Samsung needs to fix pronto. In the meantime, I don't suggest using fingerprint lock on the device. If I did a factory reset, will I be able to start afresh as though the phone has just arrived?

If so, how do i go about doing a factory reset please? I am terribly wcanner as won't recognise thumb print or the Backup Password I set (or thought I'd set) On devices with a built in fingerprint scanner, this feature would allow you to use your fingerprint as security mechanism in order to unlock your phone.

The fingerprint would be configured through the app's Settings. Now who have a phone with a fingerprint scanner doest need a pin or pattern to unlock a phone its just a waste of time.if a sensor is provided to a phone the apps should use it as a advantage to increase the security scabner the phone. Well mostly, I see it working just like the pin code or the pattern just swipe down and then swipe your finger on the home key.

Or just swipe finger as soon as you turn your phone on, while you are looking at your NEXT notifications. just as ecanner add security feature of pin plus fingerprint. it will help immensely and will be extra security as needed.

the screen should unlock both with pin and fingerprint just like iphone lock screen. Scan my fingerprint and it unlocks instead of sliding the lockscreen down. Sliding the lockscreen down and then scanning my fingerprint, entering a pin, entering a password, or using pattern unlock would be great too. I just don't want to see the normal android lock fibgerprint since yours is so much better looking and functional, but I would like my phone to be secure. in the new version of android you will be able to add the fingerpring unlock and the smart unlock features such as coo voice.

Please do so because the old fashion pattern is a bit boring.Note: make sure to use the on body feature. A range of new phones like the S5 & S6 have fingerprint lock and its just more easier to unlock with just a fibgerprint. Speaking of that the notifications show desbloqueae in a more presentable and attractive look from the Next lock than what you get from the Android desbolquear Lollipop ckmo in the lock screen.

Hope you could do this, I would really like it. :) you swipe down to that time it will ask for finger prints on all high ,ock devices but when you swipe up to see your custom next lock screen and choose an app from there then it wont.cuz you dont want the phone asking for finger prints when you are being chased by robbers and you want to call 911.

and because you know that the next app drawer apps are not sexured by finger prints you obviously wont put facebook.messenger.album.and other private things in there Either add fingerprint as an option to unlock Next, or sense fungerprint the fingerprint has unlocked the system behind Next and unlock the screen without having to unlock the screen twice (once through Next and then through the android system) See, what I have always liked, or liked the idea of, was a finger print unlock, and it would be very convenient, and actually pretty awesome.

I have thought of one way it could be pulled off.1)When setting up the fingerprint lock, Next would take a snapshot, whether a digital image, or some type of encoded file, that would contain the data for the ridges of the finger used.2) When unlocking, there would cesbloquear a designated area where you would have to desbloqueat your finger, and it would then fingerprknt the read data to the saved data,and if it matches, or matches very closely, the phone would then unlock.This is just my thoughts on how it could be done, I think it would fingeerprint a pretty neat feature to have, and personally, if some people ccomo be interested, (PM me or something) I may pursue this on my own, then submit it.

But either way, i think it should be added. Thanks for your time. Hi Folks,We�ve released fingerprint unlocking support in Next Lock Screen v2.6.0! set up fingerprint security through your Android device�s security settings.

Now, when you see Next Lock Screen, you can scan your fingerprint to unlock.This feature is supported on all popular devices with hardware fingerprint unlock support, including Samsung and Nexus devices.-James H.Next feature team Hi Folks,We�re currently testing out integrating fingerprint unlocking, on supported devices, with Next Lock Screen.

I�m sure you�re all excited to hear that we�ve been working on this feature, and we�ll hopefully be able to add it into Next soon!Thanks for voting, and stay tuned to the Play Store for updates!-AndyCommunity Manager for Next I can't enable fingerprint security on with Next Lock Screen cmoo also enabling the system lock screen.

Please fungerprint instructions on how loxk use gingerprint without the system lock screen. Desbloquer on an HTC 10.� Next fingerprint unlock is finicky. My settings are No Security for Next and Fingerprint security for System lock screen. S6 must use some type of system lock screen where it doesn't lock (require a fingerprint authentication) immediately. This causes Next to do nothing when putting finger to fingerprint reader. To get to the home screen, user would need to swipe down on the Next lock screen, then swipe finger on system lock screen.Another issue is launching applications.

This requires Next authentication (if user sets pin or pattern on Next lock) in addition to system lock screen fingerprint authentication. Again.additional steps that make it less convenient.Here's a cute security issue: Disable Facebook app on S6.

Now launch Facebook from Next lock screen. User is taken to the last thing shown on the screen before phone was locked. User isn't able to do anything, but there is information disclosure.All in All, I like the design and I understand the limitations set by the OS, but solving these issues would make this a great product.� I think you need to post instructions in the app itself on how to locck this function, It took me a while to understand and to make it work.

Thanks to anonymous for posting an example: ".android 5.1 galaxy S6, set android to use finger print and lock immediately when the power button is pressed. . ONce this desbloqjear done, press the power button, this will turn the screen off (and lock the phone) to use the phone. Unlock by 1. press the power button and then use your finger print (place your finger on the sensor) while the Next lock screen is visible, or 2.

Press and Hold the home button using your secure fingerprint (this will unlock and log you in the phone itself bypassing the Next lock screen almost immediately) or 3.

Press and release but leave the secure fingerprint on the sensor. same as number 2. You can use any function on the next lock screen if you just press and release the home or power button, to unlock at any time after checking the next lock screen just place your secure fingerprint on the sensor.� Great lock screen app! Unfortunately the fingerprint feature is not working on my device (Honor 7). Thus system coomo screen needs to be activated as well.Is the fingerprint unlock function coming with Android Marshmallow for all devices?Will the Honor 7 be supported?� I initially thought this feature was fingerrpint working on my android 5.1 desgloquear S6 but it was because my phone was set to not lock immediately when the power button is pressed.

So when I was testing it, my phone was actually unlocked and using the fingerprint sensor would do nothing to dismiss the Next screen. Now that I have changed my settings the phone always immediately locks and I can wake the phone and unlock it with one long press of the "home" button.� Now who have a phone with a fingerprint scanner doest need a pin or pattern to unlock a phone its just a waste of time.if a sensor is provided to a phone the apps should use it as a advantage to increase the security of the phone.� I found that on my note 4 if you activate the system lockscreen along with the next lockscreen when I swipe my fingerprint it unlocks my device without having to also put in my pin on the next lockscreen� Under "Screen Lock" in Next settings, the options are Next screen Lock or System screen lock.

Choosing Next screen lock has None, Pattern and PIN. nothing for fingerprint? if I leave it on "none" then System fingeprrint lock has the check next to it.

Right now when I turn the scre

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